JT1 Journey Through Egypt

Sahra Saeeda is back!

June 2nd-4th

Journey through Egypt , An Introduction.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 20 hours Total

Friday 6pm to 10pm, 

Saturday 10am to 10pm 

Sunday 11am to 5pm 

Journey Through Egypt 1 is an overview on the movement, posture, clothing, history, and cultural diffusion in the different regions of Egypt. Sahra’s unique perspective follows how the dance transforms from the homes of the people to the sparkling stages of Cairo.

You will not get a better overview of folkloric Egypt.- Gabriele, JTE 1 Graduate

While the particularities of every dance, and every bit of culture cannot be conveyed in the 20 hours that make up JtE- 1, Sahra strives to present a factual and entertaining overview of the dances of Egypt.


Suez Canal

These dances are put into the context of the local culture and histories. Their transformation from homestyle to the stage is also covered in depth. For several of the dances the students break from lecture to stretch their muscles and learn the movements that can traditionally be found in these dances. The way that these dances have been interpreted and adapted for the stage is also discussed and shown.

Bring a pillow to sit, water and snacks! Yes we will dance, of course!