JT2 Journey Through Egypt

Sahra Saeeda is back!

August 11th-13th


20 Hours of content.  For questions please email us pineappledancestudio@gmail.com

Friday 6pm to 10pm,  Short break

Saturday 10am to 10pm (One hour break for lunch, One hour dinner break)

Sunday 11am to 6pm (One hour break for lunch)

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This Intensive weekend with Certification is an advanced “basic” overview, within which we set a strong base for our future research and specializations. (Bring your Level 1 certificate and Binder from JT1)

Students must bring writing implements to take notes, extra paper and or a laptop if you wish. Study guides will be provided. Dancing shoes, No street shoes allowed inside the studio space. 

We aim to study and understand each dance zone’s movement with the perspectives of:

  •  authentic non-professional “home-style” dance,
  • local indigenous professional performers,
  • regional governate troupes
  • national government theater-stage troupes: both Reda and Kowmeyya,
  • as represented in Cairo’s Night Club Orientale Dance shows.

In addition to addressing movement and culture, we are introduced to core Dance Ethnography concepts. Sahra brings to JtE Intensive Courses concepts and experiments taught to her by her professors, pioneers in the field of Dance Ethnology, at the University of California, Los Angeles.

During the process of preparation and discovery in JtE-2 we begin to form our personal interests and questions, the base of our future research and specializations.

This 20-Hour Intensive Workshop includes dance and ritual movement of the “Dance Zones of Egypt” with special work in a variety of dances, such as Awalem Shamadan Farrah style, Cairo examples of Hassaballah, Beja Bravery Dance of the Eastern Desert, Bamboteyya of the Suez Canal, Awlad Ali Bedouin Hagallah dance, Zaggala of Siwa, Saidi Assaya, Firqit Zeffah,and much more.

Bring a pillow to sit, water and snacks! Yes we will dance, of course!