#EpicZumbaParty with Maria Browning was just Epic!

On May 6th Pineapple Dance Studio hosted a Zumba Dance Party with Zumba SuperStar Maria Browning.

We needed a bigger place than our own Dance Studio so we decided to use a place that is still close to our community.  We also had some guest Zin Jammers (Zumba instructors for instructors) as part of our 90 minutes Non-Stop Zumba Party! Lisa Danhouser from Illinois, Lilia Cronin from Indiana and Gloria Sanut Tarer from Wisconsin.

Special mention to Zumba instructor Allison Dincecco, she used to live in Vermont and she used to host this big Zumba events, she brought Maria to us.

We will do it again! Of course! Thank you for those who came and supported our event! #ZumbaEpicParty


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