Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion with Piper

I began studying dance while living in Los Angeles, California in the nineties. I later relocated back to Chicago where I began studying in Oak Park at the Academy of Movement & Music. Following my time at the Acadamy, I moved on to study with a modern dance company named Deeply Rooted. Here, I spent several years studying and performing various forms of modern dance along with ballet and Dunham style dance. In 2002, I began to study American Tribal / Tribal Fusion style belly dance. After many years studying belly dance and its various fusion styles, I have truly grown into my own style of fusion belly dance. I continue to study with internationally known performers/instructors both locally and throughout the U.S. I have taught my own unique style at various workshops both in the U.S. and in the U.K. Along with my students, known as Piper’s Girlz, we perform at various street festivals, and at local haflas (aka belly dance parties). I am also available for birthday parties, bachellorette parties, or just a simple girls night in. I also perform at corporate functions. I am based out of the spacious Pineapple Dance Studio in Forest Park, where I am involved in the Fly Yoga program. I am also certified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and have the ability to do basic training at the studio. In 2013 and 2014, I was priveledged to be invited to week long intensives at Hot Pot Studios in California. By January of 2015, I achieved my level 1 certification for Hot Pot Improvisational Tribal Style dance. I also have begun collaborating with another local dancer on a very special project that encourages fusion dancers to push their limits with their dance. This side project, Sine Metu, has become a true entitiy of its own by allowing other dancers of all genres to join in.

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