Rajasthani Caravan Dance Classes with live Music!

Directly from India this wonderful group of Musicians and and dancer will stop at Pineapple Dance Studio, do not miss it.

Saturday October 14th

Morning Workshop 11:30am to 1:30pm $30  at the door $35

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KALBELIA & GHOOMAR with Translation
Kalbelia Dance is fun, lively, folkloric, improvisational and non-technical. It is characterized by rhythmic stomps, hip movements and kicks, ever-changing hand movements, spinning, and dancing with partners. It is a dance for fun and celebration.

Ghoomar (Rounding) is a group dance done in a circle often performed at wedding celebrations. Learn the actual translation along with the dance by Imamddin.

Plus, Live Music by Ustad Arba Music Group!

Afternoon Workshop 2pm to 4pm $30  at the door $35

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Chari Dance and Tera Tali

CHARI DANCE  is performed at marriage celebrations, on the birth of a male child and at celebrations and festivals of goodness.
During the Chari dance, colorfully dressed, bejeweled women hold earthenware or brass Chari pots on their heads. Often, the Chari are set on lit Diya (oil lamp) or fire with cotton seeds immersed in oil. Dancers carry a flaming pot on their head without touching it, while performing graceful movements of limbs and deep swirls of knees.[3] To make the dance look more attractive lines of lighted patterns are created as the dancers move quietly around the floor.

Rajasthan is a desert where women walk for many miles to collect water for their families. They collect their daily water in Chari. The dance celebrates this lifelong ritual of collecting water.

Learn Tera Tali Dance. The seated devotional dance done with Manjera’s (swinging cymbals that are also clapped).

Plus, Live Music by Ustad Arba Music Group!

Both Workshops $55  at the door $65  Click here to sign up

Rajasthani Caravan aims to promote, preserve, and share Rajasthani culture. Performances will include various elements of the Rajasthani arts: colorful costumes, spinning dance of the snake-charmer, devotional singing, unusual instruments, story-telling, and ancient love songs.

Katrina Ji, Dancer & Tour Organizer performs Rajasthani Folk Dances along with UNESCO artists, Ustad Arba Music Group and Junaid Younus (Famous COKE STUDIO and Playback Singer from Pakistan) will play Rajasthani Folk, Sufi and Hindu Music, a unique fusion of India & Pakistan. http://rajasthanicaravan.com

Katrina Ji is the Artistic Director of Culture Shakti and Organizer of Rajasthani Caravan. She performs Rajasthani Folk,  Bollywood, ATS Belly Dance, Bhangra… She has performed in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India, Canada, USA. Nominated as best instructor King 5 Evening Magazine, Best of Washington. She performs regularly for Boeing and Microsoft in addition to producing theatrical productions. Owner of Culture Shakti Dance Studio