Latin Dance

Latin Dance with Michael and Elena

Michael Henson and Elena Wade specialize in teaching all the contemporary Latin partner dances, Merengue, Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Cha Cha, and Rumba. Instruction is available for dancers at any level, but the group class at Pineapple Dance Studio is an introductory class focusing on fundamentals of body motion and body rhythm, timing, and the elements of leading and following in all the dances. In each of the dances you will learn turns and figures that are commonly danced socially.

The class is a Beginner/Intermediate class that is structured to meet the needs of dancers anywhere within those levels, so the class can be repeated and students can be shown how to build upon what they have already learned so that they can progress in their skill level. Generally half of the 60 minutes of any particular class is spent on salsa, and half of the time is spent on one of the other dances.

Michael and Elena are also available at Pineapple Dance Studio for private lessons to help a student or couple work toward a particular goal in the Latin dances or to prepare students to dance at a wedding or other special event. We would welcome an opportunity to work with you.


Please contact Michael at or by calling (708) 267-9232.