Hula Hoop

Join the hoop troop!

Hooping tones muscles, increases stamina, sheds pounds, improves coordination, increases flexibility, and reduces stress all while making working out feel like fun!  Hooping can burn between 400 to 600 calories per hour and it is a full body work out.
You will learn the fundamentals of Hoop Dance Flow.  We will cover on and off body moves as well as transitions. Waist hooping, hand hooping, weaves, and other tricks will be incorporated in multiple sets and reps.  Modifications are available to accommodate any level student, from beginners to the advanced. Hoops will be provided in-class for use or purchase.  $10 single class or use your Zumba class card. 

Wear comfortable clothing.  Shorts, leggings, or yoga pants with a t-shirt or yoga top is fine.  I find cotton to be more “grippy” with the hoop rather than some of the silkier feeling exercise tops.  You can hoop in tennis shoes or barefoot.