Aerial Yoga with Amy Hardiek

A combination of traditional yoga techniques, aerial conditioning and dance. Using silk hammocks you can move deeper into yoga postures, improve your balance and strength as well as be able to practice advanced inversions with ease.

Please Make a reservation!

Arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time, this will allow for the hammock to be adjusted to your needs and bring a yoga mat, you can borrow one from us if you don’t own one.

Participants must remove all jewelry as it can catch on the hammock’s fabric, potentially hurting you and or damage our equipment.

Experience this one-of-a-kind practice.

Amy Jill fell in love with Fly Yoga during her very first class, finding it a wonderful way to enhance back health with total spinal decompression in the inversions. Incorporating stability, strength, stretching and balance, this total body workout creates a beautiful energy for mind and spirit. With 500 hours of training from yoga masters such as Paul Grilley, Judith Hanson Lasater, Sarah Powers, Elise Browning Miller and Paulie Zink, Amy did her aerial training with Jessi Rae of Wild Roots Yoga and is excited to share this art form with others. In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, Amy Jill has recorded two CDs as a professional jazz vocalist and pianist, “Something’s Coming” and “Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow”, and teaches private music lessons. She has explored many styles of dance, including belly dance and salsa. Her husband calls her “The Cat Whisperer”, because she regularly calms down scared cats at the Animal Care League in Oak Park. Other passions include gardening, cooking, traveling, Brazilian music and the Portuguese language.