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Open House, lots of fun!

Twice a year we throw the house by the window!  (Mexican proverb) We offer almost 10 hours of FREE Dance Classes, it gives a chance to specially lots of new faces stop by our place and to try the classes that we have to offer, super fun informal and social day! We also take the opportunity to test new classes.

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California Guitar Trio

Sunday August 7th 2016. The California Guitar Trio in concert at Pineapple Dance Studio. For those who were able to attend this very intimate and unique Music concert with the California Guitar Trio, you know what a treat it was. Comprised of Bert Lams, Hideyo Moriya and Paul Richards, the group has established a unique, personal connection with audiences. All

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RedMoon Theatre

Two Years ago, Erika Ochoa owner and director of Pineapple Dance Studio had the opportunity to collaborate and to be part of RedMoon’s Winter Pageant of Dec of 2013. 10 Sold out Shows, beautiful costumes and lots of lots of work. All worth it! She had the freedom to create a Belly Bunny trio, she was also a monkey and

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